Monday, February 10, 2014

Garden Update: February 10


I took a stroll around the yard today, checking on everyone's progress.  It's slow this time of year, with the cooler temperatures, but all my little garden babies seem to be doing okay. 

In the garden boxes:

I'm particularly excited about the Kohlrabi.  (See photo above.)  It's beautiful and healthy, and I have four large bulbs growing in one of my garden squares.  I researched the leaves the other day, and it turns out that you can sauté them like collards, or kale, which I also have, so I'm thinking that a collection of sautéed greens is in the near future.  I'm sure I'll be the only one in the family eating it!!!  (But that's ok with me)

 Beets are supposed to be very easy to grow, but I haven't had any experience growing them in the past, and this year has not been especially promising.  I finally have a couple that look healthy.  These are in garden bed #2, the one that I used compost and chicken manure in.  The beets that I planted in garden bed #1 never came up.  None of them!!!  Not sure why.  I KNOW I planted seeds.  (rolls eyes)

Here's the Kale and Mustard Greens, with a couple of Kohlrabi leaves in the background there.  The curly Kale is so pretty.  I harvested it once already, and it came back, along with some new seeds that I planted at the same time.  I'm thinking all of these greens sautéed with some onion and garlic and served alongside a nice piece of grilled chicken, or mixed into a pasta dish.  Yum-o.  I have a couple of nice recipes for Kale as well, so I'm going to try them out, and if they turn out well, I'll link them here. 

 Aren't these little heads of lettuce pretty?  They have a sprinkle of red in them.  I keep checking on them, hoping that they'll be big enough to clip, but they just aren't yet...  Taste testing has proved them to be sweet and tender, and I just can't wait to eat them!

You know what would be even better?  Eating them with tomatoes!  Isn't it a crime that lettuce is a cool weather crop and tomatoes are a warm weather crop?  Well look at this!!!! 

Depending on how fast this baby grows, I just might get a home-grown salad!!!  I'm pretty excited about that little guy.  He came with the plant, and I know I'm supposed to clip him off, to encourage leaf growth, but I just can't!!!!  Salad!  C'mon little guy!  Pace yourself so you're ready when the lettuce is ready and I promise to eat you! 

It's just so exciting.  It really is.  I guess that's a gardener's heart talking. 

I just read a really interesting post on Espaliered fruit trees at EVER GROWING FARM (, and I'm thinking I might like to try a couple.  I'll need to discuss it with The Guy first though, because, really, who's going to be building the trellis for them?  Not me, for sure...  She didn't post any pictures, but she did say that she had grafted varieties of apple, cherry and pear trees that had FOUR VARIETIES EACH on each tree!  I'm kind of excited about that idea. 

Well that's all for now.  See you soon.
Green Thumb Out

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  1. Sure, The flower beds are going to be completed soon :) Love "the guy"....


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