Friday, April 25, 2014

They're cute, they're furry...

(Ok, maybe not really)


While drinking my herbal tea this morning, I was gazing out the slider at my garden, as I so often do, and I noticed that something was amiss with my first garden bed.  I also noticed that I left the hose out, which pushes down the plastic fencing, allowing entrance to The Trampler, and the Fuzzy Digger. 

Just yesterday, I planted some squash seeds at the top of this bed.  Nearer to the bottom, were the cantaloupe seedlings.  Were is the important word there. 

Here are the culprits. 

#1:  The Trampler
Previous offenses:
Pepper Garden of 2013, The Trampler was captured within the fencing of the pepper garden, having let himself in and then being unable to turn around, thereby finding himself stuck and requiring assistance. 
Please notice the decapitated "Pink Pig" toy belonging not to him, but to the other canine suspect.

#2:  The Fuzzy Digger
Previous offenses:
The Fuzzy Digger has been observed on numerous occasions with her face and front paws in the tomato buckets, digging in or eating the chicken manure.  Ewwwww!!!
The Fuzzy Digger's prints were all over the 2014 pepper garden this morning.  What do these dogs have against the peppers? 

So which one was it?

This print says that it was probably The Trampler...
...and these feet pretty much prove it. 

But, in case you need a confession, I happen to have one right here:

This kind of sing-song happens whenever I go into the yard and start tinkering around.  The Trampler always barks in excitement.  This morning, though, The Fuzzy Digger decided to chime in.
In case you're wondering, The Trampler is not, and has never been aggressive toward her.  He pokes at her to get her to play with him.  He has never hurt her intentionally, although he did injure her one when they were running and she stopped and he stepped on her.  They are not snuggly-lovey to each other, but they are great friends.  So, please, don't think that she is afraid in this video.  This girl rules the roost for sure. 
Well, after the drama, I straightened the bed back up, and lookie lookie what popped back up!!! 
Those are my cantaloupe seedlings, alive and well. 
I have no idea where my squash seeds ended up, I guess I'll just keep watering and see.
The dogs are pretty cute, and they make me laugh, so I guess I'll keep them.
Green Thumb Out
(Stay tuned for my next post - - it's a bunch of garden close up photos.  I think they came out fantastic!)




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