Saturday, May 17, 2014

This week in my garden...

This week brought a HUGE heat wave to Southern California.  We had temperatures in the 100's for four days, and now that the weekend is here, we're finally starting to see some relief.  Yeah, relief, HA!  It's only 90 today.  The week also brought gusty winds up to 45 mph.  Luckily, last time this happened, a week or so ago, I put in some extra stakes and worked to stabilize everything.  It really helped. 

May in a Southern California garden is all about onsie-twosies...  a tomato here, a few beans there... it's like a big tease. 

The first tomato I pulled from the Bush Goliath looked like this: 

 It has a couple of appendages...  don't ask, I have no idea.  I do not use pesticides, and we don't live next to a nuclear plant, so I don't know.  It was just a little weird.  The second and third tomatoes I pulled had about 1/2 of them eaten away.  Birds, probably. 
When we went to the pumpkin patch this year, they were talking to the kids about growing pumpkins, and our hostess said that you should always plant 3 of each plant.  One for the bugs, one for the birds, and one for you.  Isn't that the truth? 
Here's the rest of what I pulled this week:
Yep, I know, it's boring.
I snapped a few pictures in the morning sun this morning, just as a record of where we've been...  enjoy.
This is the Bush Goliath, and there are THIRTEEN tomatoes on it.  THIRTEEN!!  Of course, it's a Determinate variety, so when these ripen up, that's all, folks.  Tomatoes in May, though...  I'm not complaining! 

 This is the Three Sisters bed, and what you see there by the plastic knives (that I use for markers when I put seeds in) is corn!  I'm pretty excited.  I've never grown corn before and it popped right up!  Knee high by the Fourth of July, right?

 DO YOU SEE THIS?  I've got berries!  Good think I didn't rip them out and burn them last year, like I threatened to, right?
There are a couple of tomato plants in here, and they are getting too big for their britches...  and it's only May.  I'm always overzealous when planting...  I'll just have to trim them. 
Squash.  I love the blossoms.  They are so gorgeous.  I saw them for sale at the farmers market.  People fry them up and eat them. 

Tomatillos!  They are like little Chinese lanterns.  Love them. 


Have a great week!
Green Thumb Out


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