Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden Clean Up

I had been neglecting the garden for a few weeks.  Sure, I'd been pulling weeds here and there, I'd been watering and feeding, and of course, picking, but if you garden at all, you know that there is much more work to be done that just THAT!!!

My garden is comprised of five raised beds, and many, many containers.  In between those beds and containers, the grass and weeds run amuck if I do not stay on top of it.  On Saturday morning, I got up early, ready to take advantage of that cool morning air, and the overcast skies that usually burn off by about 9 a.m. here.  So at 6:45, I was outside getting started. 

 It took me three hours to get it looking like this!!!  Three hours on just the pots OUTSIDE THE GARDEN!!!  It does look clean though, doesn't it?  Some of the areas between the pots were completely crowded in grass, like a lawn was growing where I didn't want it!  Grass is either the plant you want and struggle to grow, or the plant that you don't want and struggle to rid yourself of, wouldn't you agree?  The other day, one of the blogs I follow asked:  "What's the worst weed in your garden?"  I was not surprised that more than half of the answers were "GRASS". 

If I still lived in Pennsylvania, I think I might have answered, "Poison Ivy", but I am happy to say that I no longer live there... 

Anyway - what were we talking about?  Oh yes, the clean up.  The torture. 

By the end of the day the garden was in pretty good shape.  I didn't get all of the grass out from between the garden beds, because I leave that to The Guy and his weed whacker, and he didn't have time to get out there.  It looks pretty good though.  It's clean and there aren't a lot of weeds anymore.  
Here's a new picture.  I love the panoramic feature on my iphone...  I love being able to see a large area in a picture. 

Here are some close ups:

Three Sisters

Peppers, and an out of control cuke climbing up the sunflowers

They look lonely on the one side, but they aren't.  I recently put in another set on the other side. 
They just haven't come up yet.

Beans, beans, beans.  The smaller bean plants in the front are the ones I transplanted from the onion bed, once I figured out that I had a companion planting problem.  You can read about that adventure right here.
They are getting bigger, and they aren't so yellow anymore.  There are also some okra plants on the one side.  They are still small but are doing fine.  There are even tiny, baby okra pods coming up.

I didn't get a pic of the tomato bed, because as you can see from the panoramic, they are in the shade in the early morning. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!!!
Green Thumb Out


  1. I'm excited to watch the pictures of your 3 Sisters!! I thought of doing that...but the purist me in just can't. LOL!

    1. The plan is that I'm supposed to plant the beans when the corn is about knee high, but the squash plants are SO HUGE that if I plant them, I don't know how they'll get any light! #gardenproblems #toomuchofagoodthing ha ha

  2. What a great looking garden :)


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