Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Watering troubles

On Sunday, I turned on the faucet to water the garden.  The Pipsqueak was playing in the pool, and I thought it was a perfect time.  I could do double duty: keep an eye on her, and get a garden chore done. 

Then she asked for a towel.   They were inside, on the dryer.  No problem.  She's a good swimmer, and our pool is only 3 feet deep, anyway.  So I popped inside to get her a towel, and all of the sudden I heard this noise. 

POW!!!!!!  (and the sound of water running....  gushing, really)

My first thought was "Oh my gosh, she popped a hole in the pool!" 

So, I go running outside to see what she's done, and she's fine.  The pool is fine.  BUT - - there was a giant rooster tail of water spraying skyward...  from the middle of my hose.

Dammit.  I turned the water on and then left it.  Dammit. 

Burst hose. 

Of course, I thought this was the perfect time to tell The Guy that I wanted one of those cool crinkly hoses that don't weigh anything and that you can stuff in your pocket when you're done watering.  BECAUSE WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO STUFF A HOSE IN YOUR POCKET!!!???!!! 

Well, The Guy, of course.   He dutifully reminded me that we have several hoses I can choose from, that do not require a purchase or even a pocket. 


Of course, he got sidetracked by the mice that we have living in our water heater closet yesterday after work, so this morning, I got a shower while I was watering the garden.  Doing double duty...  I guess I should be glad I'm able to use my time so wisely!!!

Green Thumb Out

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